Monday, October 19, 2009


Alhamdulillah...i'm finished my interview section at UITM,puncak perdana at 10.30 am.. everything went well.. I was arrived at UITM at 8.00 am in the morning and i met my friend, IZAT together2 with this interview... first test is writing test. the Question is like this."Talk about yourself,why u apply for this course and who is your inspiration" well, lots of words i wrote and erything kind the funny tought...hahahaa.....well, just to share wif all the readers, our late Yasmin Ahmad is the one who inspired me most.....her advertisement was very creative and slumber...~~ well, guess what at the end of the pharagraph, i wrote "who knows,maybe one day i'll be the next Yasmin ahmad and built my own advertisement agency as great as Leo Burnet's Advertising Agency..God Willing.. ;) " the interviewer was smiling and loughing when they saw my ;)..hahahaha o_O the interviewer was very sporting,slumber,and kind the best panel on that day. they were not so serious..maybe my luck was there because i'm the second person for the interview it still in the morning and their stamina and MOOD(the most important) still in good "condition" ;) so nasib bek la..hahaha because of i'm not the ex-UITM's student and yet not their student,so the interviewer more ask me about my life in kolej,my participation on kolej activities, advertising,social isues, so i can answer it in fluent..for your information the interview section and the writing exam are all in English.. one of the interviewer ask me about ganeral knowledge..guess the q are???hahha whay is our PM name,the diputy PM name, KEtua menteri melaka name, and the PRESIDENT OF UIC..UIC???what the heck is that..i don't have any idea what is UIC stand i ask them "can u give me a clue" hahahah macam men kuis plak..hahaha the the panel told me" black man from AMERICA"..and in PRIDE i told them MR.BARACK OBAMA..hahaha and the panel lough at me...i don't know wether that lough is whong lough,funny lough or correct lough..hahaha who cares...WHATEVER!!!~~~ hahahaha that all the story for today...but i'm totally bless that i'm the second person for the interview section and got such a good panel...hahaha alhamdulillah...hahaha to go...buhbye!!~~ ;)
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