Saturday, July 18, 2009

hate when it comes to the end

sad..sad...and sad...that is the best word that i can discribe about my feeling..hmmmm... truly,madly, emotional 98% just sadnest than happinest....true like what oldest said..."pertemuan will be ending with perpisahan".....that day came on 12 July 2009...the day i'll leaving my friends,my lecture,my lyfe at melaka and my memories there... i still remembered the 1st day i got an offer from Kolej Yayasan Melaka(KYM)....i'm so excited becz i'll be call STUDENT of IPT after 11 years i wear school uniform..hehehehehe i drop my koko in KYM bcz of the tittle homesick in my heart..hehehe actually i'm not drop it but i just ignore..hehehe so i got D for my coco..and i catch up it again when i sem 2...i tried to buzy my lyfe in melaka so i can focus on my study and not to think about HOME ;) the result, i got A for my coc..hehehe *BLISS* o_O in 3 years i stay in melaka, 4 houses i've been move..hahaha 1st becz of the Malaysian typical neighbor who busy body with hal org..everyday making "KETUPAT" biler la nak wat lemang lak ker...rendang ker..hahah seriously soooooooooooo KAMPUNG and datang dari ULU maner pun xtau...then, the 2nd house, the seniour who stay in that house pun same...typical malay peeps....xboleh nak tengok org lebih skit...dah tuh toooooooooooo show off..still remembered the time i pelawe dier minum my hot choc which i bought from starbucks...i said, akak, klu nak minum la ayer ni..sedap the she reply, ala starbucks, dah biase dah minum ni ayer zaman akak sekolah lagi...SHUT UP...!!get lost with ur zaman sekolah!!and the best part is, ader satu arituh my sis gave me her bawak la balik melake..the nex week, dier balik rumah kakak dier and dier bawak teddy giler beso and kehulu kehilir ngan teddy tuh..agaknyer nak berak pun bawak gak ..bongok! then, my phone rosak..3315..biase la..henpon abad ke 14, so balik KL, tukar la phone baru...balik melaka, dier nampak, the nex day dier pun turun KL and beli HP N73!!nampak sangat la kan...and she very proud with her asset..her BOOBs!!!!seriously so huge!!!!hahaha FUCK OFF babe!!!the 3rd house...pindah cz masing2 nak pindah but memori kat umah tuh la yg paling xleh i kene boikot with my whole housemate....on that day i know who friend whoes not...and i learn toooooo much about lyfe...the 4th house..xder pape sgt cz dok 3 bulan je..cume jauh to college and penat nak nek tangge..hahaha in melaka jugak i learn about lyfe which sumtimes i felt like this world is unfair towards me...i being cheat, i being ignore and toooo much of peeps behaviour i learn..smtimes the one who we call FRIENDS is not our true FRIENDS...they just pretend to be FRIENDS..behind of u they will back talk about u padahal u dah banyak berjase ngan dier...sampaikan dier sanggup call u with perkataan yang xsepatutnyer dier cakap..tapi biler dier ok, maser tuh la mulut hey..i have lots..lots..lots of story that i want to share here.... my diploma show, my happy moment at gadik, my friends, my gossip..hahahahaha o_O nti i story lagi k...hehehe last but not least i'll upload pic of my diploma show when time proceed it..hehehe daaaaaaaaa..... to all my friends who i tought biatch...yes u are...pretend to be nice but u are totally biatch!!!!hahahaha

Thursday, July 9, 2009

3 years, has been paid today....

guess what...i just finished my presentation on my final day being this time, all the moment that i had when i was in first sem cross my mind...the day i'm homesick, the day i know who's my friend, the day i know the truth about lyfe, the day i have to learn to manage my money, my time, the day i learn how unfair this world..everything suddenly cross in my mind....not forget the day i cry ALONE, i LOUGHT with my FRIENDS, the day all about me...i learn all that just in 3 years. not forget in this 3 years, i know my credibelity on ART....i know how to design, i know how to do'g marketing, PR, Journalist, Brodcasting, and last but not least ADVERTISING which my major course...hehehe all in one roof... o_O i'll upload all pic of my diploma show insyaallah ASAP...just stay tune and relax..!! Chill~~
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