Saturday, August 7, 2010


i wish you were here!!!~ what am i gonna do if you were here???hmmmmm.... i want to talk to you... i want to see your smile... i want hang out with you all day long... i want share some story with you... i want u to sing me a song with your guitar... i wanna hold your hand... i want u to remember me... and i don't want to say good bye to you...!~ xoxo cmapoppins~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a hard day without hard disk...

i was soooo upsad when i suddenly realise that i lost my HDD (hard disk) last week... i miss my hdd damn much..!~ of course my sis piss off towards me and she did.... she ask me a Q that really makes me feel hurl.... i don't have any intention to lost it but urghhhh.... things that i regret most is my collection of SS501 songs, game show, talkshow and so on....all in that HDD.... seriously i'm piss off to the person who took it!!~ on only the most value collection... my late assignment when i was studying at KYM... my final project which i spent more than thousand dissapear in a blink eyes... i miss all the pictures inside that me with my friends....and many more!!... my sister's convocation day...... i know that was the things that she really mad when she suddenly think about the HDD .... from the bottom of my heart..i'm sorry along!!~ i feel nothing without my gadget.... i'm lost..... :( xoxo, cmapoppins

Saturday, July 24, 2010

she's no longger available ~

Congratulation...and celebration..... yeaaaaaaa!!~ my sista is now no longer single n available..!!!hahaha She's now already have a status ' a Fiance of ' ....... hahahaha congratulation along!!!~ walaupun all this things happened so sudden... tapi alhamdulillah everything went well.... Along sekarang sudah bergelar please behave of yourself...jaga diri...banyakkan bertolak ansur...n jgn la asik nak gadoh2...tunang2 nih macam2 dugaan that you will face... Ok...the tentatif program is like this, kol 10 plan pihak lelaki nak datang..tapi they arrive at 10.45... then ktorg yg mude2 nih which was me, kak ain, kak yanti n kak ina dok carca merba gopoh gapah siapkan along bermake up, berpakai baju... and bermacam2 lagi la.... yang org2 tua kat bawah dok bincang2 lagi la pasal hantaran....mas kawen.. n sume2 la.... as what i've heard, dierorg bincang2 tarikh which was majlis akan berlangsung on april 17, 2011...blah lelaki a week after....why 17 april 2010??? hahahah sebab............ secare kebetulan both parents (ibu n ayah plus ibu n ayah abg zaki) kawen pada hari, bulan n tahun yang same..hahaha kelakar kan...cume abg zaki terkeluar awal setahun dari along..hahaha so, kebetulan next year, 17 of april jatuh hari ahad same ngan hari both parents actually this date significant ngan tarikh anniversary both parents la..hehehe soooooooooo sweet.. =D Hantaran plak, dengar2 dierorg kater RM13,000.00 .... tambah mungkin, kurang tidak..hahahaha.....tadi pihak lelaki bawak cincin ngan buah(nyum2) pihak pompuan balas cupcake by wondermilk yg disponsor oleh mak dak n family, buah yg di reka khas oleh ibu(sangat cantek n exclusive, n satu bakul makanan ringan yg ader fruit cake, kepek2 skit... n macam2 la.....best2!!~ Gambar??hmmmmmmmmm... mesti la ade...sangat banyak...tapi gamba along la banyak...gambar sayer takder sangat sebab sayer yg jadi photographer..hahahaha btw, gambar akan di upload dalam next week kat FB.. hehehe Ok la..thats all for today.... HAPPY BERTUNANG ALONG!!!~ may u happy ever after..!!! tak sabar nak tunggu your bg day!!!~ hehehe p/s: tak sabar nak tunang jugak lol..hahahha =P xoxo, cmapoppins...

Friday, July 23, 2010

seriously aku benci kau!!~

aku benci kau n aku tak tau ape masalah kau!!!!~ seriously aku benci kau!!!!~

Thursday, July 22, 2010

i accept ur apology...

why people sometimes can't except or listen others people idea....everybody have right to speak!!!~ shame on you darling!!~ people ask me to sit n discuss..but i don't think that the best idea...i don't know why... maybe i am not that kind of person who can sit n talk....seriously i hate usrah.... for me it's kinda "memalukan urself n myself too.." as long as i can hold all of this....i'll hold it..but if one day i start to speak out....don't ask me why....but deep inside my heart... " aku dah lama maafkan kau..." =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

whut am i doing!!!~

sitting at the back in the class miss mayu was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!~ i heard whut she said but i can't remember whut she said....hmmm... i don't have any concentration in the class!!!~ i feel sleepy n damn!!!~ btw, she is more facus to the student who sitting infront...!!~ and i??? deym!!!~ bukan sajer2 nak dok belakang......masuk2 klass dah penuh.... !!~ =(

Friday, July 16, 2010

head away to home!!

Before i start, let me reveal what i felt today...
1. Irritating 2. Board 3. Unhappy 4. Hate Rules!!!~
Yesterday i was so happy because me, fiza n mira off from shah alam to IKEA my second home ^^ we rent a car which is kancil yg paling murah..hehehe things that we bought??hmmm.....NICE!!!~ we bought a wordrobe cost RM155 after less, and 3 boxes for us to keep our things ^^ , a frame mirror, and last but not least a scarf holder...yeaaaaaaa..!!~ 1st plan we want to have dinner there..well of course my fav meal swedish meetball and dark daim choc. cake...nyum2... but masa sangat cemburu pada makan tak dapat..uhuhuhu and when i want to bought their currypuff, it's also sold out!!~ huh!!!~ sedey2.... =( Next mission....yeaaaaaaaaaaa...we are off to my house!!!~ hehehe HAPPY!! =) actually we want to back to shah alam but it was so late and my house is not far from IKEA so, we planed to sleepover at my house...well, when my mom called, she also ask us to sleepover there than back to shah of my friends agrred, then with a smiling face i drove the Kancil to BANDAR BARU SELAYANG...hehehe =D
Reached home, our stomach are craving for foods..huhuhuhu luckily ibu's said, makanan banyak kat need to eat outside or buy any other, masuk2 je umah trus terkam meja makan...hehehe nyum2..lauk sedap!!!~ masakan ibu maner pernah tak sedap!!nyum2... =D Sharp 6.45 am we drove back to shah alam..huhuhuhuhu bye2 home.. =( planed that i'll be back again on saturday noon after ko-k..then suddenly i have modul to attend...the worst thing, its in saturday n sunday...!!~ DAMN!!!~ rusak plan..!!~
When there is -ve, there is always have +ve behind it...kak yanti msg me n she told me that she planed to go to selayang tomorrow n after the modul she will pick me up at Masscomm Fac. then head to selayang..yeaaaaaaaaa!!~ balik rumah!!~ =) tapi tak tido sbb ahad ade modul lagi...huhu saturday night, tido umah kak yanti...hehehe i imagine the air-cond already..hehehe nyenyak tido tau..heheh :D kalau xde pape igt nak pinjam kete waja abg azrai g modul ahad tuh..kalau dier kasi la..kene tanyer abg azrai dulu..huhuhu insyallah.... :)
ok..its time to sleep!!!~ sleepy already...btw..can't wait to head off to selayang..!!!~ hehehehe =D
xoxo, cmapoppins... :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

life begins..

Starting to write again after leaving this blog barren for so long.... :) not to say that i am sooooo buzy..but its kindda lazy for a perfect answer..haha :p i try to update as frequently as i can and share the ups and downs in life..insyallah.. As a fresh start, let me write about my life after back to shah alam... SHAH ALAM??wohoooo... seriously i'm not ready for it..but times flies so fast like fast and furious...hahaha So..1st week masuk klass..hmmm....seriously xbest!!!~ i feel like this sem sangat la susah..!~ i have to learn economy, marketing, DESIGN!!!!~ (with the fussy lec ever!!~) huh!~ and starting this sem i don't have any gud day to back home..haha but well....this is cma..when i feel want to back home i'll do it!!~ i don't care whut evr ppl say'g...hahaha for me, when i'm home..all my problem n stress will vanish automatically...that's why i love HOME so much!!!~ btw, ayah was not in good condition rite now, so as a daughter yg dekat dengan rumah, i think, why don't i come home when i got a free time... =) and not forget, i miss REMY damn much!!!~ :D Ok, i was thinking about how to enjoy my kokurikulum...hmmmmm.....seriously, i hate Saturday damn much!!!~ i have to wake up early for the sake of 1 credit hour on ko-k....urghhhhhhhhh!!!~ and sometimes i have to burn my sunday bcz for the stupid activities they held....OMG!!!~ hate it!!~ my class already full on monday until friday then they wat to take my weekends!!~ so..the Q is that, where is my priversi day n when can i rest??huh!!!~ i hate ko-k DAMN MUCH!!~ do anyone have any ideas to ENJOY these days???gosh!!!~ This sem also i have 2 clases in MENARA...OMG!!!~ the worst nightmare ever! we have to climb the hills plus the uncountable stairs...GOSH!!~ dah la Ramadhan is just around the corner...seriously, for the 1st week of puasa we all mesti pengsan..berbuke dalam mimpi..hahaha Ok..i think, thats enough for this note...will see u soon!!~ xoxo, cmapoppins =)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

at last~

its time to balik s.alam again..huhuhuhu kalau tanyer pasal cuti mmg xpuas la...kasi la cuti setahun pun akan kate xpuas..huhuhu tapi my responsibilities is to have to face the fact yg cuti cume sementara je...reality in lyfe is study!!~ talking about study...i'm not happy wif my last sem result.... xdapat DL...!!~ huhuh sedey...out of 8..i'm the only one yg xdpt DL....sedey n frustrated....but bile pk2 balik maybe it was my fault jugaks...i'm not study seriously, n i forgot my duty to Allah.... huhuhu this sem i'll try my bes ti get DL...!!!~ insyallah... :) this cming sunday balik S.alam...hope evryht'g goes well!!~ :))

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Give me that LOOK!!!~

When people look at me.... i saw a sympathy in their eyes.... I DON'T WANT THAT! When people look at me.... i saw a word "poor girl"..... I DON'T WANT THAT! When people look at me.... i know they know that i am sad... SERIOUSLY I DON'T WANT THAT! When I want to buy things.... They said, it's ok..let me pay for u... STOP IT!! I DON'T WANT THAT! When they come to my house... they are not happy as always....they talk seriously.... DAMN!!~ I DON'T WANT THAT! STOP ACTING LIKE THAT!!!~

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it is not the same like before

i am not the same like i was before... that was the fact that i have to face it whether i know i hate it! i am not the same like i was before.... i use to be a happy girl...i use to be a stubborn girl n i use to be the way i am (before) i am not the same like i was before.. i use to hang out with my together....dining together...laughing and share some happiness... i am not the same like i was before.. i use to get money easily and i know he will give me money if i ask to... i am not the same like i was before.. i can relax when i reach home.. i can spend my time more in bed.. i can ask anything to her whatever i want her to cooked for me... but it was me before what happened now?? people may saw me like the ordinary girl... but i am not...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

saya dan kesibukkan masa!!~

owhhhhh... i miss my blog so much!!!~ damn..lame giler xciter2 kat sini....huhuhu ok...1st of all...dh dapat masuk UiTM....dah balaja dah pun n dah nak abis satu sem dah pun..hahahah..nmpk sangat lama giler kan xmengUpdate blog nih..hahaha xder mase.. :) (lame excuses) hahaha ok..masuk uitm best...kenal kawan2 baru...kenal tenaga pengajar baru....kenal perangai manusia..kenal perangai lecture...tapi yg xbestnyer simaa adalah orang yang selalu dibuli...siapakah yang membulinyer???hanyer mereka yang tahu..hahahah tapi sayer tetap sayunk mereka..hehehe blaja so far ok....tapi agak presure...dulu maser diploma kat KYM best sebab lecture still treat kita macam anak2 dierorg n macam boundaries btwn us....biler2 jer leh hang out kat bilik lecture..nak makan..nak gossip..nak tido..hahaha sume boleh...tapi kat sini..agak tersekat skit..sbb most of lecture kat sini treat ktorg mcm adult... yes we are an adult..but inside us..we are teenagers yg still need fun, still need rest n our mind is full with colours...huhuhuhu kami belum bersedia nak fikir untuk masa dewasa walaupun kadang2 belagak macam dewasa.. hahahah Assignment sangat bertimbun2..teringat maser diploma dulu...biler hujung2 sem yg dh nak start exam, our mind is clear with asignment...with presentation...kami hanyer focus dengan exam jer..but kat sini lain..dah nak hujung2 la kami banyak sangat asignment yg nak kene submit..ngan exam or test yg dibuat pada minggu yang sama..huhuhu mmg sayer stress... kadang2 i think that Malaysia punyer system education yang berteraskan exam oriented sangat menyusahkan n menyukarkan. Bukan nak compare ngan America, tapi our education system kiter sangat lemah. when u enter university or college, your lecture yang bagi mark for u. they are the one who can make u pass or repeat. so just take a test in the class without saying "ok next week is exam prepare and read from chapter 1-14" haaaaaaaaaa???? no exam week!!!~ buat je la test kat kelas cam biasa...huhuhu talk about class n exam..this sem ader class yang xder exam langsung...hahaha we love u BAPAK!!!~ kami sangat la suke pegi klas bapak especially fendi sbb bapak kasi makan nasi lemak..hehehe dier boleh makan sampai 5 bungkus...hahahaha caya la hang fendi!!!~ :D minggu ni minggu yang sangat stress. asignment, presentation, test, test, and test!!~ arghhh..penat.. amek degree sangat berbeza dengan diploma. kalu maser diploma dulu leh rehat n chill2 lagi...tapi mase degree ermmmm... ader maser tok chill tapi inside ur mind.. ~ASIGNMENT~ hahahahaha ok..enuff for today...banyak lagi ASIGNMENT yang menanti..huhuhuhu wish me luck n all the best for my self!!!~ :D
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