Friday, June 12, 2009

from KL - Perak - KL

hohohoh it sound normal right..but not for me on that day..haha 9.30 am, my family and i went to teluk intan,Perak, attended a wed-day ceremony..
roughly around 12.30 we arrive there(bcz we a little bit lost there)hahahah talking about lost, actually "dewan" that we sepossed to went was just beside us..hahaha it's map PROBLEM!!org tuh xreti nak wat map betol!!wasting patrol... ok back to the main point...after chit chat,snap some pic,gossipping wif my sis and on and on, kiterorg pun balik la...
on the way to KL,drop by at fruits stall..when u enter the BIDOR town, of course u wanna bought some "jambu bidor" which was the famous guava at ipoh... after 3 packet of bidor's guava n "jambu air bidor", we countinue our journey to KL....on our way to tol nak balik ke KL, looked right and left..there's toooo much of pokok kelapa sawit which was still under construction by sime darby and 5 minutes perjalanan, there's a kid (cow) nak lintas jalan..mak aiii...punyer la lambat...and tu la gunenyer teknology...sempat la snap some pic of them..hehe
ok...on 5 pm sharp...we arrived home(KL)..and suddenly my sis's bf called and ask us to hang out its been a long time i didn't jejak my foot at mid velly's floor...almost 6 month babe o_O..hahaha siannnn...
nothing to shopping, just to hang out and chill our self..hehehe..after we done our responsibility to ALLAH the almighty, our tummy rang its to pick up our lucky restorant!!hehehe...their ask me to pick..and of course my choice is expensive...hahaha my sis sugest little penang cafe...LPC???hahaha i don't know what dish should i eat...then, i saje2 pick Chilis Grill & Bar ...and both of then agreed..what so heaven!!!!hehehe so, a nite at chilis was totally a blass to a gurl who mengidam to eat there..haha as ussual, my sis with her spegthy, my bro with his oldtimer buger and me...triple play..hehehe but one comment to them, their triple play are not delicious as i ate at's salty..eiewwwwwww...huhuhu
macam biasa kami order mestila ikut tekak yang tengah lapo..hehe so this is our pic and food the we order..hehehe nyum2..

and our drink of course bottomless fruit juice and warm water to save budget..hehehe sian abg waiter tuh...asik muker kiter org jerk yang mintak tukar2 air..hahahaha (bayo tuh dalam services charge) hahaha and this is after an hour..nampak sangat kami nih lapo kan..hahahaha

perut pun dah kenyang n duit pun dah bayo.....and its full erkkkkkkkkk...alhamdulillah..hehehe

it was a day of mine...dalam tgh2 kusut nak final...sempat lagi chillex wif my sis n bro..hehehexper...sekali sekala kene la relexkan otak kan..hehehe thankx along n abg zaki....!!! ;)


  1. hoho, relax j lembu tu melintas.


  2. hehehe..biase la..kanak2 melintas mmg camtu..hehehe


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