Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Birthday Blast!!!

hahaha i know..i's totally late for me to upload the story and the pic of what happened on the second raya..hahaha WHATEVER!!~~~ ;) on the second of Eidulfitri 21 SEPTEMBER 2009, i was celebrated my 21st BUFDAY~~ i reach 21st club..but i still elected for the 19th club..muahahaha..21st is such a big day for every gurls in the's the day u become YOUNG ADULT, it's the day u have to be a responsibiliti and mature girl and it's the time u got your TURNING KEY ~~ turning key??hahah not for mom said, as long as I stay in her house,i have to obey the rules..HER HOUSE HER RULES..hahaha yes MOM!!!~ o_O ok..the celebration is sooooooooooo MERIAH for a gurl who celebrate it together with her family..owh, not forget, 2 of my cusin join me to celebrate their past bufday together who is NAJIAH and UMAR...we having some barbeque party~~!!nyum2....we grill 4 whole CHICKEN, 3 Packet of SOUSAGE, some FISH, and some aunty made us nasi goreng kerabu, n my cusin made us potato salad...not forget, my mom made us strawberri nata dikoko for our drinks..(Thanks cik aa for the drink!!) hehehehe ha!!!thanks also for my cusin ZAKI and HARIS and their father CIK LAN who gave them such a creative ideas to make the "SCLUPTURE" of 21 using the BUNGA API..bile time celebrate tu, zaki n haris bakar that bunga api serentak n the number of 21 appear in such a beautiful way..hahah sangat sweet n touching..uwaaaaaaaa...time kaseh daun keladi..hehe walau pun xseberape beso tapi tetap dihargai.. ;) ~~ it's POTONG KEK time!!!hehehehe delicious kek eventho it's not a secret recipe's cake hahaha nyum2...k.yanti n my sis bought me,najiah n umar, a cone bufday cap for us to wear when it's time to "kill" the cake..hahaha my sis call me maj jah because i call her mak aji, then i request that if she want to wrote my name on the cake, if u wanna put mak jah, better u add some words which is GORGEOUS..!!~~ hahaha mak jah??? oviously its an old woman name..except "MAK YAH" hahahahaha "MAK YAH" is a "WONDERFUL" name when a little zara call it..hahahaha enuf~~ cake is marvellous~~~nyum2 The best part is when it comes to UNWRAPPING the Bufday PRESENT!!!well, a bufday gurl ofcourse will be the winner for a quantity of present..hahahaha well, najiah n umar pun best aper...dapat gak adiah..bukan celebrate tangan kosong tau..hahaha talking about present, najiah dapat mr.bulbul..comel..actually it a cow..haha but a cute cow la babe....n umar dapat..erm...should i mention it??'s spender..hahah cute underware hahaha.... back to the bufday girl, it was a wonderfull night for a gurl like me because all the gurls love jeweleries..hahah i got a WHITE GOLD love neckless from my sis, a 925 silver ring with diamon on top of it from my mak long, and a pouter brooch from my complete my present and acsesories, my big brother gave me an EDP of Perfume Be Delicious Fresh Blossom 100ml from DKNY including a side bag from mom??hahahah she gave a towel hahaha from Esprit..hahaha tapi best aper..rase cam xnak gune..wat perhiasan je la dad gave me cotton wear imported from dubai and my aunty cik mah gave me money..heheh yeaaa...tok cik pun kasi duit gak..best2...cik aa kater diernyer present KIV dlu...but she did ask me if i want hard disk or not..n the answer must be YES MY PLEASURE!!hahaha welllll..... who said celebrate your 21st bufday at kampung during hari raya such a lame and B.O.R.I.N.G~~ and u totally wrong!! celebrate a bufday at kampung serounding with your whole family n relative, was totally a blast and grateful!!!if you don't believe me, try one...keep my word babeh!!~~ note: picture will be upload later...maybe late..hehe so long~~ xoxo -cmasyaz- ;)

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