Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A blog sometimes a place for you to talk and write something..but sometimes people do get it wrong....what about to those who write or talk something fishy??owh!! macam tak bleh blah kan...
BTW, things that we write sometimes a mirror for ourself...YES!~ you express all the things that you hate...you like....your joy...or your anger...but sometimes its not worth at all!!!~
YES!~ i do write something also..but hey!~ if you look properly....do i wrote something that i feel proud with myself????i don't think so..but if i do..please forgive me...at that point maybe i was not mature enuff...so blog is my place to express my feeling...but not now...!~
I am not saying that i am mature enuff to say all this thing...tapi its true what people say....Experience...and all the things that happened to us actually make us learned from mistake and makes us grown up!~
I don't ask any respect tabik spring jalan tunduk from you..but i do need some respect from u in the way you talk! do respect people who older than you...even that person is one year older...dia hidup setahun awal dari kau..this is what you have to bare in mind..PAPP!!..PAPP!!~ kat dahi kau!..so please do some respect!~ once you respect someone, believe me....he will respect you back....try to muhasabah diri...you and me....we both can change this world...believe me....


  1. nie apehal nieh?? hangin2 kenapa nieh??

  2. owh tidak ade pape lalong... =) hanya mau berkongsi ape yg ingin diluahkan selama ini....hehehe


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