Wednesday, May 27, 2009

nothing to point about..

haha..speaking of internet..i'm in colleg rite now...and it's been facinating that i can use the internet for free...FREE??? o_O hahaha don't give me that look..hahaha.... but for this time being, it's for haven sake i'm in college...hahahaha..-------suke giler gelak jaat hahaha(gelak lagi) friends keeps busy wif their capture film..n i'm busy annoying them wif menyibok ikut..hahaha weLLL..internet here!!!wuhoooooo.....the sebuk gurlz kehulu kehilir..hahaha speaking about kehulur kehilir...i mizz to take a walk at bandar hilir,Melaka,city of Historycal...hohohoh don't know why but it will be amazing to take a slow walk there...hmmmm *WISHING* lyfe now is KL n taman bachang..of course GIANT..hahaha o_O i'm waiting for clearence warehouse sale right now expcially Mark&Spencer..i need BAJU!!!!

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