Tuesday, May 26, 2009

suka suki suku..

too much of Q but answer was great..hahaha be CREATIVE!!!!hahaha Type ONE Word only for each... And DO NOT EXPLAIN IT!! Yourself: 3/4 o_O Your Hair: wavy Your Mother: adviser Your Father: wrestler Your Favorite Item: my-belonging Your Dream Last Night: prince-charming Your Favorite Drink: caramel frappucino - extra caramel Your Dream Home: glasses The Room You Are In: neverland Your Pets: sugar glider What You Are Now: pelajar Who You Want to be in Ten Years: mummy What You Want to be in Ten Years: sehat! What You're Not: siti nurhaliza hahaha One of Your Wishlist Items: sport car Your Gender: perempuan The Last Thing You Did: sleepzzzzz What You Are Wearing: tshirt-slack Your Favorite Weather: snow Your Favorite Book: everything-a'ut-dummies The Last Thing You Ate: cherry Your Life: alhamdulillah... Your Mood: MIA Favorite article of clothing: suit-me Favorite color: pink-purple School: myknowledge-portal Song: akka ;)

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