Sunday, August 30, 2009


Addicted???in what??hahahaha have u benn addicted to something???well i know it must be FOOD should be the answer on top 5 haha nway, i'm very addicted ti youtube...since i know how to download a clip trough youtubedownloader n voobys last 3 years, i'm very addicted to this website..nway thanks alot to the creater...hahaha 5 thunbs up to u!!! well..thats not my point acctually..hahahaha seriously, i'm addicted to this one's call double S501 or SS501...i know this band scince last year, when i watched this one show call YOU GOT's kind of make believe married..and i love this couple which is kim hyun joong who the leader n the elders in SS501... 1st impression when i saw his face, i was like o_O ....pity him bcz born like a gurl face..but after some lavel, hes more matured then i tought..well...still baby face but more in real man..hahaa very trumanders!! in other difference way, i more like kim hyun joon or call as baby joon..hahaha..i still don't know wather this two boys have any related blood or not. he the youngers among the members...i'm very addicted to him..hahaha *SHY* scince i know this band and watch their show(too miuch of show that i can't explane) i fell that i want to learn korean language...what i know now from what i heard their takling are *annyoo,annyosayooo, and of course what gurls statement sangheyoo(i love u)wah!~ i must go to korea oneday even tho i know that their living cost was soooooooo expensive..but hey, it's your dream..and u will do anything to fulfill ur dream rite..hehehe!!~ ceyh~! heard that malaysian fans already doing some partition through internet to ask them to come to Malaysia n have a concert here...i can't wait to that moment!!!i must go there!!!their music???5 thumbs up!!!!!~ there's one day someone said to me that why u r very addicted to this's korean n you don't know what are they singing...well my answers is simple..."NON OF YOUR BUSINESS" hahahahahaha well...i don't care....i love to here their music, their dance, their words..n through it, i also can learn korean in unofficial rite??hehehe well, 1st of all i have to thanks to my aunty who introduce me to that make believe married show..then my friend, who introduce me to this guy..hahahaha my life is full with blossom and it isextreamly complete!!!hahahahah naaaaaaa...


  1. married show?? yg cma pena tunjuk 2 ke??
    x pena tgk lg.. zatie tgk dlu la yerk..
    nnti bru leh cmmt..hehe..

  2. hehehehe eh cma penah tunjuk ek???ok2...tgk tau...nway, this band nak mai sni this week...n cma dijemput by their i just know this man n we talk about this band..suddenly dier email bagi tau depa nak mai sni n dier ajak cma..tapi kene bayar la...not consert just press confrence jerk..hehe tapi xnak lepaskan peluang...nak pegi jugak..heheheh

    cam xsabar lak...happy gler...!!!~

  3. i had fren yg sgt head-over-heels on korean boyband. bila naik kereta dia j, sume lagu korea. and conversation tak sah kalau tak ada ttg the boyband. sampai i knew almost everythg dah. hahah=p

  4. really????sure she knows about this SS501 band!!5 thumbs up for her....nak kenal ngan dier...leh sharing is caring lagu2 korea ngan dier......hehehe

    so k.ain kire dah pro la in-terms of korean band..lagu2 dier best la walaupun xpaham..hehehe n their world full of entertainment..hehehe dah cam addicted..hehehe


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