Monday, August 31, 2009

someone in me~~

talking about someone in my lyfe..i can't describe it...but suddently i listen to this song..and this song perfectly describe my feeling to someone who will be my prince charming, when peeps out there ask me what is my catogorise for my soul to-be..just listen to this's all there... I'm looking for a lover not a friend somebody who can be there when i need someone to talk to i'm looking for someone who won't pretend somebody not afraid to say that the way they feel about you and i'm looking for someone who understand how i feel who keep it real in who knows the way the way i like to have it my way and i'm looking for someone who take me there want to share shows he care can you're the one that i be waiting for... is it u baby youre the one i blew way who should be the one for me.. who should be the one i need i'm looking for someone to share my pain someone who i can run to who stay with me when it rain someone who i can craw with to the night someone who i can trust whose wrong whose right take for granted how much i care i can appreciate that i'm not someone who the sense and someone can call the who is affraid of love to change..... that's my heart beat...peace..!~

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