Monday, August 31, 2009

someone in me~~

talking about someone in my lyfe..i can't describe it...but suddently i listen to this song..and this song perfectly describe my feeling to someone who will be my prince charming, when peeps out there ask me what is my catogorise for my soul to-be..just listen to this's all there... I'm looking for a lover not a friend somebody who can be there when i need someone to talk to i'm looking for someone who won't pretend somebody not afraid to say that the way they feel about you and i'm looking for someone who understand how i feel who keep it real in who knows the way the way i like to have it my way and i'm looking for someone who take me there want to share shows he care can you're the one that i be waiting for... is it u baby youre the one i blew way who should be the one for me.. who should be the one i need i'm looking for someone to share my pain someone who i can run to who stay with me when it rain someone who i can craw with to the night someone who i can trust whose wrong whose right take for granted how much i care i can appreciate that i'm not someone who the sense and someone can call the who is affraid of love to change..... that's my heart beat...peace..!~

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Addicted???in what??hahahaha have u benn addicted to something???well i know it must be FOOD should be the answer on top 5 haha nway, i'm very addicted ti youtube...since i know how to download a clip trough youtubedownloader n voobys last 3 years, i'm very addicted to this website..nway thanks alot to the creater...hahaha 5 thunbs up to u!!! well..thats not my point acctually..hahahaha seriously, i'm addicted to this one's call double S501 or SS501...i know this band scince last year, when i watched this one show call YOU GOT's kind of make believe married..and i love this couple which is kim hyun joong who the leader n the elders in SS501... 1st impression when i saw his face, i was like o_O ....pity him bcz born like a gurl face..but after some lavel, hes more matured then i tought..well...still baby face but more in real man..hahaa very trumanders!! in other difference way, i more like kim hyun joon or call as baby joon..hahaha..i still don't know wather this two boys have any related blood or not. he the youngers among the members...i'm very addicted to him..hahaha *SHY* scince i know this band and watch their show(too miuch of show that i can't explane) i fell that i want to learn korean language...what i know now from what i heard their takling are *annyoo,annyosayooo, and of course what gurls statement sangheyoo(i love u)wah!~ i must go to korea oneday even tho i know that their living cost was soooooooo expensive..but hey, it's your dream..and u will do anything to fulfill ur dream rite..hehehe!!~ ceyh~! heard that malaysian fans already doing some partition through internet to ask them to come to Malaysia n have a concert here...i can't wait to that moment!!!i must go there!!!their music???5 thumbs up!!!!!~ there's one day someone said to me that why u r very addicted to this's korean n you don't know what are they singing...well my answers is simple..."NON OF YOUR BUSINESS" hahahahahaha well...i don't care....i love to here their music, their dance, their words..n through it, i also can learn korean in unofficial rite??hehehe well, 1st of all i have to thanks to my aunty who introduce me to that make believe married show..then my friend, who introduce me to this guy..hahahaha my life is full with blossom and it isextreamly complete!!!hahahahah naaaaaaa...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan is coming again!!~…

Ramadhan comes n go…well, a few hours from now,it comes again..some people love it n some don’t feel anything.. excuses??they can’t eat when it comes to lunch hour, drink, exercise, ect2..does it a problem to u??naaaaaaaaaa… well, some people use this Ramadhan for a diet month..a month for them to lose weight..BUT HEY..!! research from expertise said, ramadhan is NOT a month for u to slim down but it use to make u more healthy from poison, fat, unnecessary carbo, unhealthy food and at the same time it cleans our digestion…does it sound incredible…yeahhhhhhh!! no wonder when ramadhan’s coming, people are more healthier then before..but does it true???i guess naaaaaaaaaaa when it comes to BAZAR RAMADHAN… ;p Sharp at 6.00pm, u will see such a huge congested people at bazaar ramadhan..hahaha queuing to buy some karipap, donut, popia goreng@basah, apam balik, roti john, kebab, nasi ayam, mee goring, laksa and not forget special dish every Ramadhan is AYAM PERCIK.. yummmmmmy!!! Fat, carbo, salt everything back to normal..Hahaha anyway, it’s all depends to us..if we know on how to take care our health n body..everything will be fine!! nway,betul kan…pegi la sume bazaar ramadhan..mesti ader AYAM PERCIK…macam2 lak tu..ayam percik bangsar la…ayam percik liza la..kadang2 tu ader yg sanggup pegi bazaar Ramadhan that takes 45 MINUTES from their house just because for AYAM PERCIK..kuat betul penangan ayam percik nih time bulan pose…dah tu ader jugak yg stall ayam percik nih yg bukak setaun sekali jerk that means bulan pose la..cari income lebih..yela..nak bagi duit raye kat sedare mare…hehehehe enuf with the ayam percik..makes u hunger!!.. ;)
back to the top…Ramadhan also not just a month for us to control our lust from hunger n thirsty…but it also teach us to be more patient, control our anger, control our lust and be more positive…sounds good rite..30 days facing ramadhan, we also disunatkan for going to mouse to sembahyang terawikh…during this activities, baru la masing2 kenal jiran sebelah..because jumpe kat surau. Klu tak sure masing2 balik keje terperap kat umah..hehe and also, during this month, it’s like family gathering when it comes to waktu berbuke..whole family together at dining table and eat..very harmonies ;)
not forget, during this month, most malays family shopping for some clothessssS for their 1st day of Syawal..Top Ranking Place.. surely JALAN TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN or synonym with JALAN TAR!!! Hahaha not forget LITTLE INDIA, MASJID JAMEK, CHINA TOWN and ect…hahaha I know it!!!!!~~~snap!~

so, above of all, Ramadhan is not a suffering month but it is actually such a fun month.. Ramadhan is full of purity.. and to MUSLIM, Ramadhan is a month yang penuh dengan kebaikkan dan semua pintu amalan dibuka seluas-luasnya…hope this 2009’s Ramadhan is not our last Ramadhan…so together kiter beramal jariah dibulan yg mulia dan penuh keberkatan ni…insyaallah….

Selamat berpuase n please..don’t ever ever skip puase.. especially to GUYS who always give GASTRIK as their excuses…hahaha kantoi!! gurls…well…we got special discount during this month(Happy Vacation!!)ceyh!~ xsnonoh betol…hahaha!! Not forget..don’t let ur hand be a hanger to GANTUNG all ur FOOD!!hahaha Banyakkan amalan n not makanan.. daaaaaaaaa… Slamat Bersahur!!! ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Memoir.....

INNALILLAHHIWAINNAILAHIROJIUN........ first word that came from my mouth after my mom wake me up from my 3 hours sleepzz...Yesterday 17 August 2009, a day that make my whole family cried becz of losing someone that close to atok sedara Tok Uda....74 years old man, who has a strong spirit in lyfe pergi tok selamanye....we all sume redha ngan pemergian dier..but what make ME regrat bile dier pegi are his children....pergaduhan adik beradik yang tak pernah abag yg sukar memaafkan si adik dengan alasan yg to me not strong enuf to put a blame on his sis...cerita dulu biarlah jadi kenangan yg pahit tok keluarge..tapi biler dah tgk adiknye bahagia, cukuplah dengan mengatakan 'Aku memaafkan kau'... arwah n isterinya(who pass away last 2 years MAYBE)dah maafkan dier tapi yg abg lak wat pangai sampaikan arwah 2 thn xdapat berhubung ngan anak perempuannya sehinggalah ke akhir hayat arwah....don't u feel sorry for the arwah??kesian roh arwah yg pergi dengan keadaan tak tenang bile tgk keadaan anak2 yang berkelahi sehinggakan sanggup putus sedara....i cry..cry...n cry biler kenangkan nasib arwah tok uda...tapi tuhan tu maha berkuasa tok uda....tuhan tu tahu aper yg terbaik utk tok uda... arwah meninggal di hospital selayang pada jam 7.05 minit pagi.sebab kematian SEPSIS 2nd and Phunomiea...arwah dimandikan, dikafankan dan disembahyangkan sekali di hospital tersebut di Forensic Department, level 2. tepat jam 11 lebih arwah siap dimasukkan ke van jenazah, dan dibawa ke mesjid matrikulasi UIA petaling jaya untuk disembahyangkan semula atas permintaan rakan2 arwah. at mesjid, i take a chance to take a look arwah face for the last time...muke arwah sangat bersih n tak sampai ati nak cium arwah... 12.30, arwah dimasukkan semula ke van jenazah n trus kan perjalanan ke tapak pengebumian di pontian johor bersama2 dengan ahli keluarga kami yang lain.tiba di pontian, arwah dibawa ke rumah beliau n untuk sanak saudara di sana memberi penghormatan yg terakhir...jam 6 lebih arwah dibawa ke tapak pengebumian dan selamat dikebumikan..alhammdulillah..... di dunia hanya sementara di akhirat kekal selamanya.. biarlah yang didunia ini terus mendoakan tok uda disana... semoga roh tok uda diletakkan bersama para-para solehin dan diberkati oleh-Nya...Amin... p/s: kalau kita ade berkelahi dengan adik beradik, bermaaf-maafan la...sekiranya sampai satu masa kedua-ibu bapa kita pergi, kasihanilah roh mereka melihat amanah yang diamanahkan oleh allah itu tidak dapat dijaga dengan baik...sedangkan nabi pun mengampunkan umatnya, inikan kita manusia yang serba kekurangan.... Al-fatihah...
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