Friday, July 16, 2010

head away to home!!

Before i start, let me reveal what i felt today...
1. Irritating 2. Board 3. Unhappy 4. Hate Rules!!!~
Yesterday i was so happy because me, fiza n mira off from shah alam to IKEA my second home ^^ we rent a car which is kancil yg paling murah..hehehe things that we bought??hmmm.....NICE!!!~ we bought a wordrobe cost RM155 after less, and 3 boxes for us to keep our things ^^ , a frame mirror, and last but not least a scarf holder...yeaaaaaaa..!!~ 1st plan we want to have dinner there..well of course my fav meal swedish meetball and dark daim choc. cake...nyum2... but masa sangat cemburu pada makan tak dapat..uhuhuhu and when i want to bought their currypuff, it's also sold out!!~ huh!!!~ sedey2.... =( Next mission....yeaaaaaaaaaaa...we are off to my house!!!~ hehehe HAPPY!! =) actually we want to back to shah alam but it was so late and my house is not far from IKEA so, we planed to sleepover at my house...well, when my mom called, she also ask us to sleepover there than back to shah of my friends agrred, then with a smiling face i drove the Kancil to BANDAR BARU SELAYANG...hehehe =D
Reached home, our stomach are craving for foods..huhuhuhu luckily ibu's said, makanan banyak kat need to eat outside or buy any other, masuk2 je umah trus terkam meja makan...hehehe nyum2..lauk sedap!!!~ masakan ibu maner pernah tak sedap!!nyum2... =D Sharp 6.45 am we drove back to shah alam..huhuhuhuhu bye2 home.. =( planed that i'll be back again on saturday noon after ko-k..then suddenly i have modul to attend...the worst thing, its in saturday n sunday...!!~ DAMN!!!~ rusak plan..!!~
When there is -ve, there is always have +ve behind it...kak yanti msg me n she told me that she planed to go to selayang tomorrow n after the modul she will pick me up at Masscomm Fac. then head to selayang..yeaaaaaaaaa!!~ balik rumah!!~ =) tapi tak tido sbb ahad ade modul lagi...huhu saturday night, tido umah kak yanti...hehehe i imagine the air-cond already..hehehe nyenyak tido tau..heheh :D kalau xde pape igt nak pinjam kete waja abg azrai g modul ahad tuh..kalau dier kasi la..kene tanyer abg azrai dulu..huhuhu insyallah.... :)
ok..its time to sleep!!!~ sleepy already...btw..can't wait to head off to selayang..!!!~ hehehehe =D
xoxo, cmapoppins... :)

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