Tuesday, July 13, 2010

life begins..

Starting to write again after leaving this blog barren for so long.... :) not to say that i am sooooo buzy..but its kindda lazy for a perfect answer..haha :p i try to update as frequently as i can and share the ups and downs in life..insyallah.. As a fresh start, let me write about my life after back to shah alam... SHAH ALAM??wohoooo... seriously i'm not ready for it..but times flies so fast...as fast like fast and furious...hahaha So..1st week masuk klass..hmmm....seriously xbest!!!~ i feel like this sem sangat la susah..!~ i have to learn economy, marketing, DESIGN!!!!~ (with the fussy lec ever!!~) huh!~ and starting this sem i don't have any gud day to back home..haha but well....this is cma..when i feel want to back home i'll do it!!~ i don't care whut evr ppl say'g...hahaha for me, when i'm home..all my problem n stress will vanish automatically...that's why i love HOME so much!!!~ btw, ayah was not in good condition rite now, so as a daughter yg dekat dengan rumah, i think, why don't i come home when i got a free time... =) and not forget, i miss REMY damn much!!!~ :D Ok, i was thinking about how to enjoy my kokurikulum...hmmmmm.....seriously, i hate Saturday damn much!!!~ i have to wake up early for the sake of 1 credit hour on ko-k....urghhhhhhhhh!!!~ and sometimes i have to burn my sunday bcz for the stupid activities they held....OMG!!!~ hate it!!~ my class already full on monday until friday then they wat to take my weekends!!~ so..the Q is that, where is my priversi day n when can i rest??huh!!!~ i hate ko-k DAMN MUCH!!~ do anyone have any ideas to ENJOY these days???gosh!!!~ This sem also i have 2 clases in MENARA...OMG!!!~ the worst nightmare ever! we have to climb the hills plus the uncountable stairs...GOSH!!~ dah la Ramadhan is just around the corner...seriously, for the 1st week of puasa we all mesti pengsan..berbuke dalam mimpi..hahaha Ok..i think, thats enough for this note...will see u soon!!~ xoxo, cmapoppins =)

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  1. urggghhhh...i hate my saturday too...tb2 plak kne ngaja extra classes...i love teaching n helping them...but why at 11-1230 every sat...???uwaaaaaa....


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