Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My 1st Career-day

Hey u guys.... well...i just wanna share my experience while i'm doing my internship program right now.... Well...its started on 5th January 2009....Happy New Year...hahaha well, i start my internship program a week late then my it kind a bundle of joy!!!hahaha ( i guess - i'll tell u why ) its quite fun because i have more time to spend my end of 2008 wif my family n my odds friends were struggle their 1st day on 22nd Dec. 2008..poor them... when the TIME has's my TURN to do my internship. For the 1st time, i felt like i'm a successful career woman...i dress nicely, a little bit of make-up n i wear my new TOTE that i just bought when the " Jualan Jimat Malaysia ", n not forget my baby ACER Aspire 4520......i felt so EXCITED on that morning...hahaha The office hours ( 9.00 am - 5.30 pm ) but then...the secetary ask me to come at 10...*BLING* bla..bla..bla.... First impression, my boss luv to read because his company is like a mini library...all books u can find here..just name it.....its come rite to ur eyes.................first day is a boring be honest it's SUCK!! i mean it...their staff r not friendly....and i'm the one and only intern student does it feel???uhuhuh 2nd day come n go..3rd day come n go n so on and on and on.....on the friday...i wish that day will end in 5 second..hope the mirecal come but what happend, it jus a daydream from a little mellow gurl..huhuhu the second week, i felt much better because i got a friend...A FRIEND....but she's just gurl..wait'g for her SPM result....she's like a baby...anyway..she's a nice my lyfe isn't so boring s my 1st day here.... n after a few days,....than i know why the staff quite snobbish to me...well..they r siniour n i'm freshee....i just put myself in their shoe...i also want junior talk to me 1st....not me terhegeh2 tego new student..they have their own afta i talk to them,ask 4 their opinion about my i know how career lyfe begins...and they all start shining my lyfe in it's my false rite..hehehe you know what...i have to retype again my report book more than 5 that moment..i felt like i wanna change my profesion from an Account Manager to A TYPIST hahahaha....this is Bumiputera company but then they more to English medium...i'm not shock but then i know my weakness...i'm not too good in english..i can talk..i can write n i can SING in English but then..i have to built up my confidence level before i wanna say sumthing....and GUESS WHAT???? from the 2nd day until now....i always bring along my THESOURUS where ever i go..hahahaha duhhhhh!!!my mom do call me moving THESOURUS and she hate to help me carry my bag.....hahahahaha its so heavy DEAR!!! i mean it....speaking of this office...they hire one Mat Salleh from neverland i think.. he always come at 5.00 pm and that time we all start packing our stuff to go home...anyway...he is an old don't u ever try to seduce him..hahahah actually he is a widower....i heard he just smash his notebook until it's can't be repair by an experties...hahaha so i guess..hahahah well............i think thats enuf for today i need to clear all my stuff here n the bell has ring up!!!it's time to kick my ass from this green comfort chair...hahahah....see ya when u see me...hehehehe

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