Thursday, January 22, 2009

My 1st Recce

Hey..i jus got back from RECCE ( its kind of u go to client's place and u disscuss with ur client before u go 4's sort of u go n find the best angle for shooting)...Mass-comm student know what is RECCE .. so...i'm going to TECH TERRAIN somewhere in USJ wif my colleague and my boss for the RECCE la....n siriously...that training Acedemy doesn't look like an Acedemy..dikelilingi i tought we r going to place is quite scary 4 my 1st impression...hahaha n most of their students ar boys...they have a gurl..but then jus a few of them... TECH TERRAIN is like an academy 4 student who wanna be "DR MESIN" hahahaha...well...its more to TEKNIK skills la... an i see that for future planning..they have potencial to be " PEKERJA YANG TAK DIBUANG OLEH MAJIKAN" o_O so...i've took some picture for the recce...and i'll upload it tomorrow insyaallah 4 u guys to take a look n clearly understand what is RECCE is all about... the time is not allow me to upload the pic rite's almost 5.30 n i got to'll story molly more about this recce on my next blog........ bye!!! xD

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