Friday, March 13, 2009

Deal with it

Well...right now what can i say is that i'm FREE!!!hahaha...finished all my work...*BLESSED* as usual, my routine, facebook,myspace,yahoo,and of course my digital dairy hehehehe..... ok here is what i wanna share with u guys.... Have u ever heard about people talk BAD about our Leader Pak Lah??'s keeps...i'm not saying bothering, but i'm sick ot it...everyday the same story about the same person..hey..STOP IT!!! ok I admit that after Dr.M give his emunity to him, there's some problm we have to face i.e petrol,tol and on and on but guys..behind the worst there's a good....for example, Our Scholarship or your kids scholarship (PTPTN & MARA) bertambah...from RM300 p/month up to RM500 p/month...besides that gomen a.k.a goverment servent haha since he became the PM, your salary is up right.... plus u guys get BONUS lagi...even through my perspective, he is so prihatin about rakyat...i mean dia mesra dgn rakyat... so,just think the good behind the bad ok...and this march he'll pass his emunity to his vice just forgive his mistake.....make a wish that our sixth PM will control Malaysia in a very successful way.... *WISHING* so let by gone b by gone....and remember behind the bad always has the good.... *wink* and guys, u know why i felt i wanna write this thing...1st of all, i have to do the ads for saying GOOD BYE PAK LAH n WELCOME DATUK NAJIB....and while my team having the discusstion about this ads, there's some words that are not very best to heard about this leader i made up my mind that i wanna write this thing....and what is ur opinion about this thing............. lain orang lain kite kena la terima la..klu rasa xnak terima just ignore it..tapi klu rasa boleh diterima pakai, then go long as u happy with all your keputusan..hehehe -peace guys- ;)

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