Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my Lucky day!!!

i'm so happy today!!!!wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! o_O GUESS what who i met???? i just met Dato' Mokhzani son of former prime minister Tun. Mahathir...i'm so flabbergasted guys!! he was standing right infront of my eyes..smiling,wah...and he soooooo HUMBLE!!! seriously!!well....all Tun. M 's son are so nice n humble....back to Dato' Mokhzani...he look more young than his age....i'm soooooooo HAPPY!!!!! well he came to our office to discuss with one of my seniour designer about this one machine.... America right now in progress on making this one machine that call human machine to attact Arab on was scary guys...seriously...i already saw the pic of that may kill thousand and maybe billion peeps sekelip mata...bayang kan....from the magazine that i says that "IRON MAN BECOME REAL" ....HOW CRUEL ARE THEY..!! and i can't remember on what month, Tun Mahathir will go to Arab and doing some discution and also told the Arab about this "IRONMAN" ...... and something make me jelouse you of my callougue got free tickets F1 from Dato' Mohkzani...JELOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want it tooooooooo..... i wanna see Kimi Raikkonen drive with his new ferrari's not my Lucky day on this hope i got the tickets tooooo..uwaaaaaa..!!

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