Wednesday, February 4, 2009


have u ever heard about one Asian reality show call " We Got Married" ? it's a KOREAN make-believe show...i bet u don't because it's not popular in Malaysia..i don't know why..maybe because of our religion that can't play a fool about MARRIAGE life kot...but Muslim country especially i think it's not suit..but to make it as an entertainment,then...why not..just u have to bare in mind lol that it just a reality show that call make-believe...but's not suitable for MUSLIM especially to copy n paste it as ur lyfe style...huuuhuhu... ok..what's up today is i wanna share with you guys about this's such an interesting show...i HEARD that their rating is quite high...kire nyer can compit with akademi fantasia(ala2 nyanyi lagu tema AF) haha~~...there were 4 couples.... and both of them are celebrity and the producer will match them without they knowing who will be their wife/husband.... sounds intresting rite??hahaha well, when i first heard about this show.. first in my mind is.. "x best bosan je.. " but after i watch it...,seriously i'm addicted with the show... must watch at least once..haha~~... <<< yeah..of course there's smthing intrsting there.... klu x..tak kan u simply2 nak jd show-addicted kan.. hahaha to tell you the truth... the husband from Lettuce couple seriously giving me an extra point to all youngers out there that young man can be a mature man in marriage lyfe because of WOMEN!! WOMAN POWER hahah~~ lalalala~~ and they also are the funniest and AAAKKWWWAAARRDDDDD couple in that show... the romantic couple goes to Alex n his wife ( his wife love to collect baby shoes..hehe what a wierd hobby) hehe, the cat - dog couple goes to crown-J n wife , and the sweet couple goes to Andy and his wife.... they will give 6 month to live as a husband and wife... and there will be some mission for them to fulfill before it's end of the day... on their 100 days of marriage, they have to snap their wedding photo..HOW ROMANTIC.. hehehe their photo are so so so so NICE....i ca't describe it.... at that moment...i felt like when i get marriage, i wanna take pic like that...hahaha DAY-DREAM~~ then..after the 6 month their fake-marriage, they will give a change either to continue another 2 month fake-marriage or just end it on that day...what should they do are..if either one of them or BOTH of them said the phrase " I LOVE YOU" then they will stay.. but if both of them said " I'M SORRY" well.." Thanks for being a make-believe husband and wife in this show..and we hope you guys will success in ur own career..thank you very much" u got it??hehehe it was the end... and after the extra 2 month, by hook or by have to say SAYONARA the end they also have to do farewell party to each of their more extra month for them..but it depends on the producer lol wether want to continue it or not or depends on the couple's willing la... i strongly believe that GURLZ out there will CRY..hehehe~~ well...i can't describe how "syiok" this better watch it by yourself....seriously...!! i'll try to put the video here..but if i can't upload it..i'm so sorry...i'll try my my friends out there..if u wanna watch it..wait until we have finnish our internship ya!!hehehe muackx~~

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