Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gud day turn BAD BAD DAY.....

its 23 of Jan and i'm out of credit so i just got back from 7E for a top-up…I a sign for 2 caller ring tone from maxis and every month the fee will be cut through my creadit..so before the “DEATH LINE” ( since I work in advertising agency, I do love to use this word ( there’s BAD memory behind this word) hahaha ) of my creadit, I’ve to to-up…HEY gurl!!WAKE UP!!!this is not what I wanna write*BLAST* now I’m fresh!!

Ok it was started when suddenly I realized that my phone beeb the sounds that I familiar most…it means that ONE MESSAGE RECEIVE ( and I didn’t read it for about 3 hours..and what a silly mistake I’ve done ). So I took my phone and I read the text that appear on the screen “TEXT MESSAGE RECEIVE FROM UKM- ABG SYIDI” wah…what a surprise!!…

SMILING like a CREAZY woman.. o_O hahaha.and at that moment, I suddenly realize that I had had made a promise to him that once a week or at least once a month I’ll message him as an “INGATAN” that I always keep him in my mind….

During the text-messaging

Abg Syidi : Dik, pekaba?

Me: Abg!! So sorry..i broke my promise…I didn’t mean to but I’m quite busy cz dis month nyg baru start keja..so balik umah pun trus tdo ( Zzzzz )..sorry abg …well, I’m fine n how about u??

Abg Syidi : it’s ok dik..i do understand… lagi pun ni baru abg bukak number maxis..slalu pakai celcom..Abg sehat…Along dah balik??

Me: nope…tomorrow morning she’ll be back..well..she’s driving alone from muar to KL..so dis school holiday abg xbalik ker??( wish that i said i do msg u but it was PENDING) hahaha~~

Abg syidi : I wish la adik..but I can’t coz gaji xdapat lagi..maybe in March baru dapat gaji…cedih tul..kawen nanti abg balik la hehehe ( gelak jaat tol )

Me : OMG~~ abg, for heaven sake, marriage is always in ur mind!! o_O March???why took it so long?? So it means that no treats 4 me lol..huhuhu

Abg syidi : hehehehehe marriage + car …hehehe don’t worry dik..abg xlupe…abg msti bunjer adik…no worries... (gelak jaat tol!)

Me: hahaha NO NO NO not so SMART abg….Rumah + kawen that’s what the future plan’g is suppose to be..hehe that’s why I love u most abg haha…erm, I’ll make a short list for it.. haha ( gelak jaat nyer ) so dis coming school holiday abg wat ape? Xkan rite buku murid je..

<<<< HEY!! WHY Guys always think CAR as their 1st priority huh?? i still can't understand until today!!

Abg Syidi: Ry cina cuti 2 hr je.. x g memana pun dik..budak2 sek abg sume muslim..nanti dtg la SEMPURNA..Pulau2 cantik2..abg pun xsabar nak g but than gaji xmasuk lagi..huhuhu <<<<< ISLAND??? My wedd-day celebration’s dreams hehe

Me: poor my abg..owh really??xbestnye..xder persaingan (I guess)…wah..sounds interest’g..take some pic 4 me ya..then email it to me…is it far from ur place??like Kelantan to KL??hehehe

Abg Syidi: budak2 kat sini xsama dgn semenanjung dik..2A UPSR da dapat masuk dik…xder camera la dik..Nak kumpul duit nak bli SLR..mms boleh je…<<<<<sounds like someone want to beat me in PHOTOGRAPHY hahaha u CAN’T ~~ abg!! o_O

Me: owh really…? Well I guess it must be quite tough for u as a new..but I know u can handle it in a professional way rite abg…mms?? No need lol…it will cost u 1 BUCK per/MMS..klu through email it’s FOC.. abg guess what, nyg cuti same like school holiday..A WEEK but then, plus 2 days for hari wilayah.. and on 3rd of FEB baru masuk keja balik..hahaha HEAVEN~~ <<<< ( I wish that day will be such a loooongggg day )

Abg Syidi: lamanye cuti..cam cikgu2 sekolah plak..hehehe ibu n ayah sehat?? ( eleh...jelez la tuh hahaha )

Me: hahaha well, my boss take a gud care of his staff.. ( kalau bos dengar. Mesti dier kasi gaji punyer ;p ) ibu ayah sehat..but then ayah kurang skit coz his cataract on his left eye become more worst day by day..but he still manage to drive.. ibu adala tnya a’ut u..hows abg there n alg will say that u r fine..so u are stay’g wif who there?

Abg Syidi: Ayah xoperate ke??abg sni ok je..org semenanjung mmg ramai..skang tumpang umah ustaz. In FEB, baru dok umah sndri dgn abg baim..adik kenal kan...? abg rindu la ngan famly adik...u guys like my own family....

Me: supposedly kna operate but then his sugar level higher than it suppose to be..so doc. said, tangguh dlu..insyaallah 2mrow we are going to midvelly ..ada Islamic Fair and there’s a booth 4 cataract treatment.. owh that abg baim (a.k.a M. Rajoli )..wah..it’s like u r going 2nd-wife-to-be…windu???skali-skala call la umah or msg ibu…I know that..along also said the same thing..n I must be the greatest sister u ever had right??..hahaha<<< "AKUKAN ADIK" ( JIN KUNING Advertisement kubersamamu~~ )

Abg Syidi: yup…permata hijrah..abg penah pakai tapi habis..pastuh xtau mane nak beli..abg pun lama xmsg ibu..bai the way, of course la u r the bes sis dik!!...<<<<<< i already know it because i have 1 great sis and 2 greatest brother... * BLESSING~~ *


Than suddenly my phone turn OFF!!! I don’t know why…I try to switch it on and on but nothing happened….at this moment, in my heart I keep saying sorry to abg syidi …I wish my phone is back to normal…but nothing happen… HELPLESS… then… my final decision is… SLEEPzzzz…. Zzzzzzzzz…!!

p/s : abg syidi…, if u read this blog..i just wanna say I’m so sorry… n u r my best brother hehehehe n next time kite msg2 lagi ek.. ;p

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  1. omg! u got a realy nice blog.love it~
    rajin giler cma uat cmni.
    kreatif giler.
    let cik leha knw bout tis blog!!
    i bet she wil love tis blog too ;)
    keep it real bebeyh!


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