Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mission ACCOMPLISH....

When you got to go for a knowledge session from 95% The Advertising Academy - A Preview about The IDEA RAWKSTARRS Training, SHOPPING with all your close cousin who you DAMN hard toooo meet ( even for a while ) which surrounding by lots and lots of designer furniture, designer toys, beds around you, a piece of DAIM's cake and a plate of Swedish meetball right infront your eyes,..wah.... what so HEAVEN~~ , and a cup of coffee somewhere in KOPITIAM to complete a day, was a total BLAST for a girl (me) day out..haha ~~ Before that, let me appologizes from head to toe coz i didn't upload the photo where i'm in the shopping mall and kopitiam...want to know why???hahaha my camera was OUT of Battery..muahahaha~~ (padan muka cek~ sapo soh xcharge bateri..hahaha) (cousins...don't give me that LOOK!!~) Nway, what can I share with you guys was the day i went to Priview IDEA RAWKSTARRS Training, by 95% The Advertising Academy was totaly a Blast!! I've own my own band through SIMON PHILLIP COWELL ;P , I got new friends, i meet someone who i have to make a DEAL with (MR.SHAHNAZ KHAN), i meet JANET and i meet Everybody there!!hahaha~ senang crite.. ;) Speking of Simon Cowell, the clon "Simon Cowell" give us a task that kitaorg kena tubuhkan satu band - which we have to give a name to our band, what kind of genre music and how to market them...well..mine of Course gurly2 stuff like that...my band name was "Heels", genre : Indi pop...well..it's inspired by PCD...hey!!can u imagine hot chick wears fancy dress,short skrit, hot pants n of course heels not less than 5 inch have to dance like a britney spears with that kind of genre music...hahaha~ imagine it!~ o_O i still remember some of the bands name... Obam( pronauns like owh-bams ), a life, magical pony, the sengal, dreamers, and of course HEELS...the other one i can't remember it...SORRY~ ;) so before i got to take some picture - all stuff in the academy including the TRAINER, i've to made a deal with someone. the deal is : " you wanna take picture and post it into your blog? ok, u can but you have to talk something positive about 95% DEAL?? " - Mr. S any other option do i have?? of coure DEAL lol...~~ DEAL is a DEAL...once you make a deal..you have to do it...it's a simple code ( sapo suruh buek janji..padan muko!) right MR.S?? ;P Alrite..what can i say about 95%..
  • It was located in Wisma Dicklin, Bangsar for over 5 years
  • they have achieved groundbreaking SUCCESS!!
  • their Directors are highly respected advertising professionals
  • they'll prepaired you from in and out all about the Advertising stuff and whatsoever.. WHAT THE HECK IS ADVERTISING?? ( they will explane to you..hehehe~~)
  • At the end of the training, you will get to present your ideas to Creative Directors soooo, if you success with flying brightness colours~~ *BLING* you may get a job offer on the spot!! HEAVEN~~
  • they are such a RAWK academy
  • their trainer are so, so, and so FRIENDLY
  • One of their trainer are so HENSOME* lalalala~~( don't remind me with this HENSOME WORD o_O~~ hahaha~~
  • you can meet new friends with no ages baundries
  • you can rebuilt your communication skills, ur self-confidence and you can unlock ur right brain
speaking of which, i've been told by the speaker that 73% people in industry use the RIGHT BRAIN THINKER ..... so Mr. LEFT BRAIN THINKER, what your option? quit study and being a jobless??start ur career as a housewife/husband?? NO!! do something!! balance your brain dude...!! or else, the best option...join the 95% The Advertising Academy ....( PIZZA as a trade ) lalalala~~ is that enough Mr. S?? hey!! i've done my job..!! again..PIZZA as a trade?? weeeeeeee~~ Thus the day begins! my friend and I arrived kinda early 30 minutes (the IDEA RAWKSTARRS start at 2.30 pm)..huhuhu i tought that batu caves would be traffic jam because of the thaipusam.. but my prediction was totally wrong..hahaha just a few minutes we were stuck in the traffic. but what i know from my mom, that morning.. it was sooooo Darn it~~ congested traffic , over saturated road with vehicles and of course INDIAN PEOPLE who's going to celebrate the Thaipusam on the nex day... so here the pic with the trainers and all the participants...ENJOY!!~~
These are the BOARD OF DIRECTOR in 95% The Advertising Academy ...from left Peter Gan , Janet Lee, and Shanaz Khan
Mrs. Janet and Mr. Shahnaz (their latest image) hehehe~~ o_O they were the speaker on the preview Idea Rawkstarrs and at the same time the trainer....both of them are sooooooo FRIENDLY ... ;)
I don't know their names but do they look like a siblings??hehehe~~ they are the only chienese who join the Preview Idea Rawkstarrs
a father and son and a housewife (if i'm not mistaken)
the trainer and one of the magical pony's pioneer ;)
Mr. Shahnaz the speaker, me as you know, sylvia n kak syu my friend.... 3 gurlz vs a man..muahahaha~~
Me and Janet ... we are cute!! ;)
The pioneer of HEELS *bling bling* and Mr who i have to make a DEAL with... lalalala~~ ;)
And here we are.....The CHAMPIONS of the day...muahahaha~~
After all the fantastic day....i went to the mall and IKEA my second home with my close cousin...can you imagine, in rainy day with air-cond as your atmosphere and beds right infront your eyes, how fasinating if you can take a nap even for a sec...huhuhu~~ sorry for the picture guys....huhuhuhu i'll bare in my mind that I WILL CHARGE MY DSLR BATTERY ok!! peace...~~ That's all in a day work...so much fun and just in time to get home and take a nice peaceful sleepz... I reach home around 12am and my bed is calling my name right on time..huhuhu~ All in all, it was worth my time. You know it's not everyday you got a glimpse of what it is like to be in LEO BURNETT's world, Shopholic's world and coffee lover's world.. (WORLD! <<<>

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