Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the story..

i try to upload the show..but it's damn slow!!~ so sorry guys..maybe nex time ya.. nway..if you have time...go and watch this make-believe show ya!! enjoy!!! here i put some pic for you gus take a look and get some ideas about what is this show is all about alrite.....ENJOY IT!! this is the couple..but here they got one extra couple..well.. it's siniour couple lol..hahaha from left :crown J n wife,Alex n wife,don't know hahaha~, Andy n wife n my fav.couple Lettuce couple hahaha~ here the couple..... this one of the scene on their merriage's so funny if u watch this scene in their show..hehehe~~ how happy they are...huhuhu here the ROMANTIC couple....i'm melting..hahaha~ o_O did you notice the symbol that they show to the camre??it's a love for your was be created by Andy to his wife solbi.... so i think u got the picture how this show is all about rite....intersting right??i told ya!!~~ p/s: to my friends gadiz....wait till i go back to malacca ya...we'll watch it until xkuar bilik..hahaha chill~~

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